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Special Rolls (8pcs)

S1. California Roll 6.25

S2. J.B. Roll 7.25

S3. Philadelphia Roll 7.25

S4. New York Roll 7.75

S5. Spicy Tuna Roll 7.75

S6. Boston Roll 7.75

S7. East Coast Roll 7.75

S8. Kimono Salmon Roll 7.95

S9. 4 Season’s Roll 14.95

S10. ‘Only Better’ Roll 12.95

S11. Miami Sunset Roll 9.95

S12. Dancing Eel Roll 12.95

S13. Girls on the Beach 10.95

S14. Cape Cod Blue 9.95

S15. Crab Mix Roll 7.75

S16. Slim Lady 7.75

S17. Volcano Sunset 14.95

Premium Rolls (10-12 pcs)

PR1. Deep Impact Roll 14.95

PR2. Dynamite Roll 14.50

PR3. Crazy Roll 14.25

PR4. Rainbow Roll 12.95

PR5. Honeymoon Chicken Roll 9.95

PR6. Texas Tempura Roll 14.95

PR7. Spider Roll 15.95

PR8. Shrimp Tempura Roll 14.50

PR9. Crunchy Roll 12.95

PR10. Alligator Roll 14.95

PR11. Caterpillar Roll 13.95

PR12. Fire Crunchy 14.95

PR13. Seven Days’ Art** 14.95

PR14. Red Dragon Roll 14.95

PR15. Veggie Tempura Roll 11.95

PR16. Scorpion Roll 14.95

PR17. Tuna Jalapeno Roll 14.95

PR18. Ocean Bomb Roll 14.95

PR19. Johnnie B Roll 14.95

PR20. Nantucket Roll 14.95

PR21. Kimchee Fighter** 14.95

PR22. Birthday Party 14.95

Ying's Handrolls

H1. Salmon Skin Handroll 4.95

H2. Spicy Tuna Handroll 4.95

H3. Negi Hamachi Handroll 4.95

H4. Dancing Eel Handroll 5.95

H5. Shrimp Tempura Handroll (Two Per Order) 9.50

Combos (12-14 pcs)

C01. Sushi Target 12pcs 12.95

(2 pcs tuna nigiri, 2 pcs salmon nigiri, 8 pcs Cape Cod J.B. Roll: salmon/cream cheese/scallion)

C02. Sushi Starter 12pcs 12.95

(2 pcs tuna nigiri, 2 pcs salmon nigiri, 8pcs California Roll(with masago))

C03. Fancy Lover’s Combo 12pcs 14.95

(tuna nigiri (1), white tuna nigiri(1), salmon(1), red snapper (1) 8 pcs Rainbow roll: California roll topped with 4 types of fish & avocado)

C04.Eel Lover’s Combo 12pcs 15.95

(4 pcs eel nigiri / 8 pcs Dancing Eel Roll: California roll topped with eel)

C05. Ying’s on the Beach 12pcs 14.95

(tuna nigiri (4), Sunrise Sunset Roll: white tuna/red snapper/ cucumber / red - gold tobiko on top)

C06. Veggie Combo 12pcs 10.95

(asparagus nigiri (1), spinach nigiri(1), avocado nigiri (1), shitake nigiri (1) 8 pcs Veggie Roll: spinach/asparagus/avocado/cucumber)

C07. Kids’ Favorite Combo 12pcs 12.95

(tamago nigiri(2), imitation crab (2), 10 pcs Honeymoon Chicken Roll: chicken tempura roll/cream cheese topped with honey mayo sauce)

C08. Mexican on the Rocks 12pcs 14.95

(salmon nigiri (4), 8 pcs Mexican Roll: shrimp tempura / cucumber / lettuce topped with avocado)

C09. San Diego’s Combo 14pcs 14.95 (tuna nigiri (2), salmon nigiri (2), 10 pcs San Diego’s Roll: shrimp tempura/avocado topped with white tuna & jalapeno-cilantro

Small Platters (24pcs)

P1. Sashimi Ocean 45.00

Sashimi: 4 pcs each: yellowtail /red snapper/white tuna/salmon/ red tuna/scallop

P2. Sushi Sky 25.00

Nigiri: 4 pcs salmon /4pcs yellowtail Rolls: 8 pcs masago California Roll , 8 pcs Rainbow Roll

P3. Tempura Platter 25.00

Nigiri: 2 pcs red tuna /2pcs white tuna Rolls:10 pcs Shrimp Tempura Roll, 10 pcs J.B. Tempura Roll

P4.Nigiri for Two 25.00

4 pcs salmon /4pcs red tuna/4pcs white tuna/4pcs shrimp/4pcs eel/4pcs yellowtail

Medium Platters (36 pcs)

P5. Maki Delight Platter 25.00 8 pcs Sp. Tuna Roll,8 pcs California Roll, 8 pcs Phili Roll,6 pcs Yellowtail/ Scallion, 6 Salmon Roll

P6. Hyannis Port Platter 29.0010pcs Spider Roll/10 pcs Rainbow Roll/ 8pcs J.B. Roll/ 8pcs California Roll

P7. Seafood Deluxe Platter 45.00 Nigiri: 4pcs tuna/ 4pcs salmon/4pcs yellowtail/ 4pcs red snapper Rolls: 10pcs J.B. Tempura Roll/10 pcs Rainbow Roll

P8.Hungry Vegetarian Platter 25.00 6 pcs oshinko roll (pickled turnip)/6 pcs spinach roll/6 pcs kampyo roll (Jap. squash)/ 10 pcs Veggie Tempura Roll/ 8 pcs Veggie Roll

Large Platters (48 pcs)

P09. Ying’s Favorite Platter 65.00Nigiri: 4 pcs tuna/ 4pcs salmon/ 4pcs red snapper/ 4 pcs yellowtail/ 4 pcs white tuna Rolls: 10pcs Shrimp Tempura Roll/10 pcs Spider Roll/ 8pcs California Roll

P10. Fishermen’s Dream 79.00

Nigiri: 4 pcs tuna/ 4pcs salmon/ 4pcs red snapper/ 4 pcs white tuna/ 4 pcs tobiko Sashimi: 4 pcs red tuna/ 4pcs white tuna/ 4pcs yellowtail Rolls: 8pcs Ocean Bomb Roll/ 8 pcs Miami Sunset Roll

P11. Emperor’s Catch 85.00

Nigiri: 4pcs tuna/ 4pcs salmon/3pcs tobiko / 3pcs ikura Sashimi: 16pcs assorted slices of fresh fish chef’s choice Rolls: 8 pcs Volcano Sunset Roll / 10 J.B. Tempura Roll

P12. ‘Let’s Party!’ Platter 65.00

Nigiri: 4 pcs tuna/ 4pcs salmon/ 4pcs red snapper/ 4 pcs yellowtail/ 4 pcs smoked salmon Rolls: 10pcs Tuna Jalapeno Roll/ 10 pcs Veggie Tempura Roll/ 8pcs California Roll

open daily | 11 am to close

entertainment | 9 pm to 1 am

thai.japanese.korean.sushi bar

prices are current as of January 2013 and may change, please check with our staff before ordering



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