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  • Room Coffee 36 in 1 is the instant coffee powder that contains antioxidants, collagen, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber for weight loss. The beneficial extracts are well-selected for up to 36 types. It is more than just an ordinary coffee. We produce the premium ready-to-drink coffee under the concept of drinking coffee in modern times with excellent taste that must come with “Good for health”. Drink the aromatic and tender flavor and get healthy with a good and firming body. It helps nourish skin to be healthy, not deteriorated, no palpitation, not fat, and no sugar but a sweetener is used instead. It is suitable for those who care about blood sugar control * SUCRALOSE is a sweetener that does not give energy, does not affect the level of insulin hormone in the body, does not increase blood sugar levels, but provides low calories * only 40 kcal / sachet.

    Room Coffee

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